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Powertech Engines Inc. is your source for new FORD industrial engines, LOMBARDINI diesel engines, and IVECO diesel and dry-fuel (propane/LPG and natural gas/CNG) engines, marine engines, power units, and generator ends, PTO generators, and complete generator sets to power a great variety of  industrial, ag, marine, and other off highway applications, including pumps, irrigation systems, and various standby and prime power needs.  Depending on the application and available engine family, we can supply gasoline and dry-fuel engines from about 20 to over 415 horsepower (310 kW), air-cooled diesels from 4 to 40 horsepower (30 kW), and diesels in various liquid-cooled diesel engine families from 12 to over 2,000 horsepower (1600 kW).
Powertech Engines Inc. is the factory authorized distributor for FORD POWER PRODUCTS and IVECO MOTORS for the states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. We are also a the factory authorized service dealer for LOMBARDINI and KOHLER DIESEL engines.  We additionally build, sell, and supply prime, emergency, and standby diesel and gas generator sets from 4 kW to over 400 kW, and offer quality generator ends from Marathon Electric, Cummins Generator Technologies (formerly, Newage-AVK-SEG, and  Stamford-Newage), Marelli, and Mecc Alte, including Mecc Alte PTO tractor-style generators, and use them in our assembled generator set offerings as well.

Powertech Engines Inc. has convenient warehouse, assembly, and shop operations in Fresno in Central California, and in Fullerton in Southern California.  We also have a small Northern California facility in Sunnyvale. Our main Fresno warehouse address and phone numbers are noted below.  In addition, there are a number of factory authorized service dealers in our three state area, including dealers with locations throughout Northern, Central, and Southern California, Hawaii, and Nevada (including multiple dealer locations in Reno and Las Vegas).

We are all concerned about clean air and water.  FORD, IVECO, and LOMBARDINI are leaders in the engine industry, and offer a variety of CARB and EPA certified, environmentally friendly, spark and compression ignition engines for many industrial, marine, and off-road applications.

At  the moment, summary web pages for Lombardini DieselIveco Industrial engines, and Iveco Marine engines are posted on our web site, and added pages are under construction.   More information will be added as time permits.  Links to our existing Ford Industrial pages are shown near the bottom of this page.

Lombardini offers air cooled single and multi-cylinder diesel engines from 4 to 40 HP, and liquid cooled diesels from 12 to 60 HP.  A summary page of our Lombardini products can be accessed from the link above or by clicking the multicolored Lombardini logo.

Iveco Motors/FPT engine power from 50 to over 2000 HP.  Iveco Motors/FPT engine families include the 2.3 & 3.0 liter SOFIM HPI diesel engines, the new, state-of-the-art NEF engines in I-3, I-4 & I-6 cylinder configurations with power ratings from 78 to 235 HP, the CURSOR I-6 engine family with displacements of 7.8, 8.7, 10.3, & 12.9 liters and power ratings of   347, 424, & 532 HP, and the very large VECTOR V-type six, eight, twelve, and sixteen cylinder engines, with displacements of 15, 20, 30, and 40 liters, and power ratings from 804 to 2146 HP.    Note:  The picture of the Iveco Motors North America HQ sign is linked to a summary page of our industrial Iveco engines;  the product range picture below is linked to a larger image. Good overviews of  Iveco Motors products and activities in North America were summarized in 2004 and 2005 in the North American Edition of Diesel Progress:   Iveco Motors January 2004 Article      Iveco Motors 2005 product insert.

IVECO MOTORS  (now part of FPT) is actually a relatively recent "brand name" created in early 2004 for the long established, semi-autonomous engine activities of Iveco Powertrain, formerly a division of Iveco SpAwhich is in turn part of the Fiat group of companies.  In 2005, the former Iveco Powertrain (and Iveco Motors) activities became part of the new Fiat Powertrain Technologies activities in the newly organized Components and Production systems product sector of the Fiat SpA group.

The Fiat SpA group currently is organized into Automotive, Agricultural & Construction, Commercial Vehicle, and Components and Production Systems product sectors.  The Automotive sector includes the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari, and Maserati brands; the Agricultural and Construction sector includes the Case New Holland, Case, Fiat Allis, Fiat Kobelco, Kobelco, New Holland Construction, O&K, Case IH, New Holland, and Steyer brands.  The worldwide CNH heritage includes the combined legacies of Braud, Case, Claeys, Fiat, Fiat Allis, Flexicoil, Ford(formerly:  Ford Tractor), International Harvester, New Holland (including Ford New Holland), Steyr, and others. For added CNH historical info, read the Case New Holland story.

The Commercial Vehicle sector includes Iveco TruckIveco Irisbus,  Iveco Magairus, and  Iveco Astra, and, until 2005, included Iveco Motors.

In early 2005, a new Components and Production systems sector was created within the Fiat SpA group which includes Fiat Powertrain Technologies [FPT],  Magnetic Marelli,  Teksid, and  Comau. FPT includes all of the powertrain activities of  Fiat Auto (Fiat Powertrain), Iveco (Iveco Motors), the Fiat Research Center and Elasis.  With an annual output of about 2.8 million engines and 2.1 million transmissions, and over 3,000 trained technicians dedicated to the development and engineering of new and innovative state-of-the-art powertrain products, FPT is today one of the very largest manufacturers in the worldwide automotive, industrial, and truck engine and drivetrain markets.

In fact, Iveco Motors/FPT is the largest manufacturer of diesel industrial and truck engines over 70 horsepower in the world, with a current production level of over 400,000 units per year, about 60% of which goes into non Iveco industrial equipment of various kinds. Iveco Motors/FPT engines are supported worldwide by some 116 distributors in 65 countries.

HISTORY:  Since its inception in 1975, Iveco has been responsible for upholding the Fiat tradition in the field of diesel engines - a tradition that extends back over 90 years to the very first Fiat diesel engines.  Over the last decade, the need to reduce diesel exhaust emissions and engine noise has been a spur to the development of new and innovative diesel engine technologies at Iveco. The state-of-the-art, electronically controlled, common-rail diesel fuel injection systems used by many engine manufacturers today were developed at Fiat in the early 1990's.  The result of these and other efforts are modern Iveco engines that continuously push forward the boundaries of efficiency and performance.    Today, these much improved, more powerful, quieter, and cleaner Iveco diesel engines deliver almost twice the power per liter that they delivered in 1975, while at the same time they are about 25 times quieter, and produce about 20 times less emissions than they did in 1990.

Powertech Engines Inc. is pleased to offer these quality Iveco Motors/FPT products as Iveco industrial diesel engines and power units, Iveco marine propulsion engines (our Iveco marine data page can be accessed from this link), Iveco industrial and marine generator sets, Iveco natural gas engines and generator sets, and as Iveco Motors genset power packages with electrical power ratings from 20 kVA to over 2200 kVA.  Further information and technical data is available on the Iveco Motors web site at

GENSETS:  Custom and standard power generator sets from 4 kW to 1600 kW for prime, standby, and emergency generator power applications:  Depending on the engine models available, and the desired power output,  Powertech Engines Inc. can supply a variety of Ford, Iveco, or Lombardini powered diesel, LPG, CNG, and natural gas fueled gen sets in 50 or 60 Hz versions with Marathon Electric, Cummins Generator Technologies (formerly known as,  Newage AVK SEG ; aka, Stamford-Newage), Marelli, or Mecc Alte generator ends.  We also supply Mecc Alte tractor PTO generators.

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