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FORD Industrial Engines Over 100 hp

FORD LSG875 --  Now out-of-production, the trailer towing champion and largest Ford industrial engine was our virtually bullet-proof  7.5 L V8 460 cid engine. Applications ranged from irrigation, lift trucks, citrus grove frost protection, standby generators, marine, to environmental vapor extraction and co-generation.  As can be seen in the photo here, we sold these by the truckload!

A 7.5L "460" engine weighs 713 pounds and is 40.5"L, 27"W and 29"H.

Operating on gasoline the 7.5L produced 173hp @ 2800rpm, on LPG 161hp and 148hp on natural gas.

Originally available with SAE flywheels and flywheel housings, open and closed power units, a variety of power transmission equipment and accessories this wonderfully durable engine is now out-of-production, and new engines are no longer available.

The current 460 cid replacement is the Ford WSG1068 6.8 liter V10 engine -- see further details below.

FORD V10 WSG1068 -- Beginning in early 2000, the LSG875 engine was replaced by the new V10 WSG1068 model engine.  This 415 CID V10 weighs about 640 pounds and measures about 692 mm L, 798 mm W, and 830 mm H.

Operating on LPG, this engine is rated to produce a gross continuous 221 HP at 3600 rpm, and 225 HP when fueled with natural gas.

A photo of the engine is shown here  ....  you can see more photos of this V10 engine on our  WSG1068PhotoLinksPage.  Various other applications have links from our New Stuff page.

Additional technical details and specifications are available on the Ford Power Products web site at  Ford North American Engine Chart.

A copy of the Ford data sheet for this engine can be found on the Ford Power Products website at  WSG1068 Data Sheet. (WARNING:  This is a fairly large ~ about 350K ~ .pdf file)

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All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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This page last modified on November 01, 2005

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