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 Gensets & Generators
2 kW to over 2000 kW

Custom & standard power generator sets; new replacement generator ends from 2 kW to over 2000 kW for prime, standby, and emergency generator power applications; tractor-style PTO generators:
Generator Sets:    Depending on the engine models available, the desired fuel, and the required power output,  Powertech Engines Inc. can supply a variety of  Ford, Iveco, Isuzu, or Lombardini powered diesel, LPG, CNG, and natural gas fueled generator sets in either 50 or 60 Hz versions with Marathon Electric, Newage AVK SEG (aka, Stamford-Newage),  Marelli, or Mecc Alte generator ends.

PTO generators: We also offer a very simple, rugged, and reliable line of tractor style PTO generators from Mecc Alte, with power ratings ranging from 6.5 kW to 100 kW

Generator ends and AVR's: If you need a new generator end for a new application, or are looking for a service replacement for your existing generator end or AVR   -- from 2 kW to 2 MW, please call us!

SIZING:    If you need help physically sizing a generator end to an engine back end, you may find Marathon's very handy  engine to generator mounting brochure of use ... this is a small, two page, pdf file.

We are in a position to offer very competitive factory direct pricing, and we can usually arrange to ship most of these products to almost anywhere in the world that you or your customer might wish.

Generator Ends
Marathon Electric has been building motors and generators here in the US since 1913.  The Marathon product range is tremendous, and includes the MagnaPlus, Lima MAC, MagnaMax, and MagnaPower series of generators, which offer outputs from 5 kW to 4 MW.

A dedicated page for our Marathon products is under construction, but not yet posted.  In the meantime, we have installed links here to the  main Marathon Generator "gateway" page, the MagnaPlus sales brochure [306k], the MagnaPlus Operators Manual and the MagnaPlus Specifications.

Motor Start Generators:   If you have some heavy "motor-start" loads, you may find the LIMA MAC sales brochure [974 k], the LIMA MAC Operator's Manual [7 MB], and the LIMA MAC Specifications of interest.  You may also want to talk with us about an "oversized" generator end for easy motor starts, and MagnaPlus and MagnaMax options like PMG.

Also available here are links to the MagnaMax® sales brochure [706 k], the MagnaMax Operators Manual,  and the MagnaMax Technical Specifications.  A copy of the Marathon warranty & sales terms and conditions may also be of interest.

Marathon Electric is one of the few generator manufacturers to offer UL2200  listed generators as a component.  The Marathon UL2200 listed generator brochure briefly describes UL2200, and summarizes the maximum UL2200 rated kW output from various MagnaPlusand MagnaMax models from 3.8 kW to 2320 kW.

MagnaPlus & MagnaMax submittal sheets: Until we have a chance to link each submittal sheet into a summary page, we have included here a link to our Marathon Submittal sheet index.  You can directly access each of the individual submittal spec sheets for various models from this index. [Note:  You will need to use your "back" button to move back to the index from any given file].  The sheets summarize the single and three phase 50 and 60 Hz electrical characteristics --  including the electrical efficiency -- of many of the common Marathon generators as a function of both voltage, load, duty cycle, and desired temperature rise.  As an example, the three phase 60 Hz data for the 284PSL1508 MagnaPlus generator end is located in the file called 1508T60. Similarly, the single phase 60 Hz data is in a file called 1508S60, and so forth.

LIMA MAC submittal sheets:  Also included here is a link to our LIMA MAC submittal sheet index.  Unlike the MagnaPlus and MagnaMax series numbering system, the LIMA MAC numbering system is not quite as simple -- call us if you have questions.

Special Models:  In addition to the models noted above, Marathon also offers various special models, such as their small "pancake" generators, 6 pole 1200 rpm 60 Hz generators, 24 pole SER 400 Hz generators, Primeline induction generators, MagnaLite permanent magnet generators , and various other special models such as the Mariner, Drill-Rig Duty and Crane Duty generator models designed for harsh environments.

Connection & Outline Drawings: As a convenience, many Marathon generator AVR connection drawings can be accessed from our Marathon Connection Drawing page. Various alternate outline drawings can be selected from our Marathon Outline Drawings page.  But please note that selecting the correct drawing from several possibilities can be a bit tricky.  If you have questions, call us, and we will do our best to find the correct drawing for you.

AVR Manuals:   The most common AVR for the smaller, non-PMG Marathon generators is the SE350, but Marathon offere many AVRs.  If you need an AVR manual, select the desired one from Marathon's AVR Manuals page.

Newage AVK SEG:  The manufacturing entity known for almost seventy years as Newage, and more recently (and formally) as Newage AVK SEG, and sometimes simply and commonly called "Stamford Newage Generators," is now known as Cummins Generator Technologies.

The Cummins Engine Company has actually owned a significant portion of Newage for over twenty years -- Cummins acquired a majority stake in Newage when it purchased Onan from Cooper Industries in 1986 --  but it changed the name only recently, in May 2006, as part of a new "branding strategy."

Despite the name change, the former "Stamford Newage Generator" company still operates as a separate entity which is (a) one of the largest manufacturer's of generator ends in the world, (b)  has almost one hundred years of experience in building electrical machines and generators at its original manufacturing site in Stamford, UK, and is, (c) now a truly worldwide entity, as new individual or joint venture plants have been added within the past 15 years or so in San Louis Potosi, Mexico; in Ahmednagar, India; and in Wuxi, China; and new and enlarged warehouse facilities have been added in the United States.

SHORT HISTORY In 1905, the Cutting Brothers built a factory at Stamford; by 1925, the plant was known as Stamford Electrical.  The Newage company [the name originally created from the full title, Northern Electric Wireless And General Engineering Company,  and also known by many folks as "Stamford-Newage"] was founded in Manchester, England in 1935 to manufacture generator sets and air compressors.

Through manufacturing and international expansion of distribution in the 1960s and 1970s and acquisition and corporate restructuring in the 1980s and 1990s Newage is acknowledged as a world leader in generators in the range 8 kVA to 2000 kVA.   Newage can also boast a number of industry firsts, including the first brushless alternator (1987), and the first PMG excited AVR (1973).

STAMFORD generator products offer 2-, 4- and 6-pole LV generators in the range from 5 kVA to 2000 kVA.

MARKON generator products include 2-pole LV generators from 6 kVA to 10 kVA.

AVK generator products include 4- to 18-pole LV, MV and HV generators that cover the range up to nearly 30,000 kVA.
The new (and old) Newage/CGT factory web sites are/were extensive, and much of the data on it is/was available in a variety of different languages.  Note that each of the logos displayed here is also a link to access the portion of the factory web site dedicated to that product. In some instances, the Newage/CGT web site can be a bit tough for a novice user to navigate, because the site assumes considerable knowledge of Newage/CGT products on the part of the viewer.  Note:  We still have some old Newage site links on this page; they may or may not work as the future unfolds.

If you need a specific data sheet or manual, many (but not all) of the Stamford-range data sheets and operator and AVR manuals (and some Markon data) can be downloaded directly from our  Newage/CGT Data Index  which is located here on our our web site. [Note:  You will need to use your "back" button to move back our index -- and/or this page --  when you download any given file].

Manuals:  Major documents on the Newage/CGT web site of particular interest to some users - all in pdf format - will include:  the Newage/CGT Ratings Book (47 pages), the BC Series Manual (6 to 25 kW; 40 pages), the UC Series manual (30 to 240 kW; 44 pages), and the HC series manual  (200 to 2160 kW; 36 pages).

   AVK was founded in Frankfurt/Main, Germany by Mr. Arthur van Kaick in 1919 to manufacture electrical machines. AVK grew quickly during the 1920s and 1930s through the application of innovative solutions to power generation problems of the time. With the development of special electrical windings, AVK was the first company to solve the problem of power generation and transmission across the regions of Germany using different mains voltages. In 1938, AVK developed and launched the worlds first self regulating generator.

SEG was founded in 1969 in Kempen, Germany, by Mr. Werner Schmitz and Mr. Kurt Leyendeckers for the production of control systems and control and protection devices. In the more than 30 years if its existence SEG pioneered many developments in system protection devices and variable speed applications. In 1985 AVK and SEG merged to form the group AVKSEG. Iin November 2001, Newage and AVK SEG were combined to become Newage AVK SEGIn 2006, Cummins sold the former SEG division to Woodward.

Mecc Alte SpA is one of the world's largest generator manufacturers, with an annual turnover exceeding 75 million euros.  Headquartered in Italy, with manufacturing facilities in the UK and warehouse and worldwide sales support facilities in the US, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Singapore, and Australia, Mecc Alte offers a wide range of generation products, from small 3000 and 3600 rpm 2-pole generators for portable applications, to very large  2400 kW 4-pole stationary genset applications..

Data files, parts lists, drawings, and manuals for some common Mecc Alte generators and AVRs (including the SR7, UVR6, and other common Mecc Alte automatic voltage regulators), can be directly accessed from our Mecc Alte Data Index page[You will need to use your back button to return to the index after examining a file].

If you need further data on a Mecc Alte model not available from our index page, then the data can most likely be obtained from the download area of Mecc Alte's main web site; which can be accessed from our link to the main  Mecc Alte web site.

TRACTOR PTO generators:  In addition to using Mecc Alte generator ends on some of the generator sets that we fabricate, we also offer a wide range of Mecc Alte tractor style PTO generators, as can be seen in the selection of units in the photo shown here.  [Note:  The picture can be clicked to see a larger image].

Note:  Some of the data in the chart below is a bit out-of-date; a more current model listing [in Word] can be dowloaded here from our link to Mecc Alte PTO generators.

SIZING:  In sizing a tractor PTO generator, it is important to make sure that 540 rpm tractor PTO's are matched with 540 rpm PTO generators and that 1000 rpm tractor PTO's are matched with 1000 rpm generators.  In addition, a common rule of thumb is to insure the availability (at the tractor PTO) of about 1.7 HP for every kW of desired electrical power, although in some cases a bit less may be required.

PTO Input
HP for 
full output
3P2 - MR1-180/2
3P2 - MR2-160/2
3P2 - MR2-200/2
M5 - ECO3-2L2
M7 - ECO28-VL4
M7 - ECO32-3S4
M10 - ECO32-1L4
M9 - ECO32-3L4
M9 - ECO34-1S4
M9 - ECO34-2S4
Notes:  The power ratings noted here are for continuous duty, single phase 120/240 VAC, 1.0 pF.  For standby duty these can be increased by 10% for 1 hour in every 6 hour period.   All models shown here require a 1 3/8" - 6 spline input shaft, commonly available at tractor dealers (or from us, if required).  All 1800 rpm AVR regulated alternators are 12 lead reconnectable machines, and can be connected for three phase operation with somewhat greater power output capacity (~20%).  The 3P2 gear reduction case is aluminum; the M5, M7, M9 & M10 gear cases are cast iron.  Data sheets for the actual Mecc Alte generator end used are either linked here in the table above, or available upon request.

MARELLI  Generator Ends:    Our generator section for Marelli generator ends and regulators, etc. is as yet a work-in-progress, but a great deal of useful  Marelli generator data -- data sheets, drawings, parts books, etc. --   is actually located here on our web site and can be accessed directly from our Marelli Data Index.

Marelli Motori S.p.A has a tradition dating back to 1891 when Ercole Marelli founded the Company.  Today it forms an integral part of the worldwide FKI group of companies. With over 100 years of manufacturing excellence and experience, Marelli Motori is recognized as a leading supplier to the Industrial, Petrochemical and Marine Industrial sectors and offers a complete range of Low and Medium Voltage Motors and Generators.

Generator Sets

We offer a variety of both assembled open skid-style and commercially fabricated generator sets for both 50 and 60 Hz in various sizes. Additional data is available upon request by e-mail or post, and more generator set information will be posted on our web site as time permits.  Simple data sheets for some of the open skid-style generator sets from 4 kW and up commonly fabricated by Powertech Engines Inc. can be accessed from our PTE data sheet index at::  GenSetDataSheets.

Pictures:  Pictures of some (but not all) of the generator sets that we build can be seen in the index at:   GenSetPhotos. Note:  The photo here ot the left shows our outdoor engine and genset display at the 2007 World Ag Expo.  The folks in the photo include factory representative Steve Sharpe [Steve is the Newage/CGT National Sales Manager] who is standing behind one of our Iveco-powered Model 45V gensets with an oversize Newage UCI-224-F, an unknown visitor, and, at the far right, Roger Norman, our Sales Manager.

Engine Data Sheets.Also, although much of this info is also provided in other places on our web site, technical data and warranty information for some of the engines, open power units, and generator ends  that we use to build up our common gensets are in our "all manufacturer" engine and power unit data index at:  GenSetEDS.

INVENTORY:  Our finished genset inventory varies from day to day, and month to month, but we try to have at least one of each 60 Hz model from 5 kW to 45 kW either in stock or under construction. Also, some of our suppliers regularly stock enclosed sets from 9 kW to 800 kW.

Common Gen Set options:   Customers often request options such as autostart (the very nice digital DynaGen GSC300 is standard on our propane fueled gensets and many of our Iveco powered diesel gensets), fuel tanks, or a variety of manual or automatic transfer switches.   Reference material for some of these options can be found in our DynaGenData Index, or in our Fuel Tank Index, or in our ATS Transfer Switch Data Index.   Call us if you have questions.

Gen Set Enclosures and Trailers:   Some customers also desire options like enclosures and trailers.  We don't build enclosures or trailers, but we can offer various choices from several well known generator set manufacturers that do, and we like to support the folks that support the products that we sell.  Two of the companies that we favor in this regard are  Himoinsa and the Engineered Products Division of  MQ Power .

We can offer customers enclosed gensets and optional trailers and other equipment from both manufacturers.  In addition, both manufacturers have excellent service and support networks throughout the US and Canada.

Multiquip's MQ Power Engineered Products Division:  Note:  The photo at the above right shows Sam Miller, National Sales Manager of MQ Power's Engineered Products division standing next to one of their Iveco powered Model MQP-175IV enclosed generator sets.

MQ Generators:  MQ Power uses hundreds of IvecoMotors/FPT engines and hundreds of Marathon generator ends every year. A picture of a portion of the MQP Iveco Motors/FPT assembly line is shown at right.

MQ Power Generator Sets: MQP factory data sheets for the various standard MQ Power industrial standby generator sets that we can offer to our customers can be seen in our index at:   Multiquip MQP Generator Set Data Sheet Index.  Comment:  Some of the MQP data sheets posted on our web site here may be more current than those presently posted in the industrial standby section of the MQ Power web site.   Note also that a great variety of options are available.  In addition, an incomplete -- but interesting -- sample set of various MQP pictures -- can be seen in our MQP Photo Index.

Himoinsa Generators:  Himoinsa  is a very large European-based generator set manufacturer (with a US support center in Kansas) that manufactures beautiful sound attenuated enclosures -- Europe has very stringent sound level rules. Most of Himoinsa's enclosed generator sets also feature a very useful "single lifting eye" at the top of the genset which facilitates generator placement in many applications. Many of their gen sets use Iveco and Lombardini engines and Newage/CGT generator ends; Himoinsa also uses Perkins, Scania, Hatz, and Yanmar engines.  Note:  A photo of a Model HPW-044 Himoinsa 44 kW generator set on an optional trailer is shown at left; a group of smaller 9, 13, and 19 kW enclosed gensets is shown at right.

Himoinsa Generator Data Sheets.  Factory data sheets for many (and some pictures of some) of the various Himoinsa gensets that we can offer to our customers can be seen in our index at: Himoinsa USA Gen Set Data Sheet Index.    Many Himoinsa models are regularly stocked here in the US at the Himoinsa USA facility.

Himoinsa Photos:  A picture of the Himoinsa USA building is shown here at the left; an aerial photo of the main Himoinsa factory in Europe is shown at right  -- either picture can be "clicked" to see a larger image.   Also, an incomplete - but useful - assortment of Himoinsa generator pictures can be seen in our  Himoinsa Photo Index.

Iveco/FPT G-drive engines:  We are working on a greatly expanded Iveco Motors generator G-drive engine data support section that will be posted soon. In the meantime, pictures, data sheets, and drawings for most of the current NEF, Cursor, and Vector Iveco Motors G-drive engine/open power unit packages can be found and downloaded from our Iveco Motors G-drive Data Index Page  [Note: You will need to use your "back" button to return here after viewing these files]. The standby power ratings of the various Iveco G-drive Engine models range from about 30 kW  to almost 700 kW.

Summary:  In general, the 50 and 60 Hz generator sets that we offer fall into one several product type or size ranges as noted below:

(a)  Small 4 kW to 5.5 kW portable diesel gensets (3600 rpm; Lombardini diesel powered)
(b)  Small-to-medium size 1500 rpm and 1800 rpm diesel 4-pole open gensets from 4 kW to 25 kW (Lombardini powered)
(c)  Medium size 1500 and 1800 rpm diesel 4-pole open gensets from 25 kW to 200 kW (typically Iveco powered)
(d)  "Motor-start" open diesel generators from 12 kW to over 100 kW (custom sets with oversize generators)
(e)  Natural gas fueled generators with 60 Hz power ratings at 14, 20, 40, and 70 kW.   (Ford engine powered)
(f)  Propane fueled generators with 60 Hz power ratings at 15, 22, 45/50, and 78/85 kW.  (Ford engine powered)
(g)  Enclosed generator sets from MQ Power and Himoinsa (see the data sheet index links above).
Call us with your generator needs; we, or one of our suppliers, usually have some units IN STOCK and available for immediate shipment.

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POWERTECH ENGINES INC -- Call us at (559) 264-1776, fax us at (559) 264-2933, e-mail us at power@powertechengines.com, or write to us at 2933 E. Hamilton Avenue, Fresno, CA 93721

Notice: Although the the information presented here has been taken from sources generally believed to be accurate, please be advised that all of the data, drawings, specifications, etc. presented or linked here are subject to change-without-notice, and that Powertech Engines Inc., Iveco SpA, Marathon Electric, Newage/CGT, Mecc Alte, Marelli, MQ Power, Himoinsa, and Iveco Motors of North America Inc. and Fiat Powertrain Technologies assume NO RESPONSIBILITY WHAT-SO-EVER for its accuracy.  If you have an application or inquiry that has critical parameters or data needs, please consult us for current factory data.

Our US toll free parts line is (800) 891-1776

This page last modified on October 03, 2007

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