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PURPOSE:  This page has been created to permit easy access to the Lombardini engine and open power unit data sheets, horsepower curves, and CARB and EPA emission certifications that have been posted on our web site for some time, but not available to casual visitors.  We will have a more elegant web page for our many Lombardini product offerings in the future, but this simple page will serve for the moment.

Who is LOMBARDINI and What Do They Offer ?   Lombardini manufactures air cooled single and multi-cylinder diesel engines from 4 to 40 HP, and liquid cooled industrial and marine diesels from 12 to 60 HP.  The engine of choice for equipment power by many manufacturers and suppliers to the heavy duty construction and rental industry worldwide, Lombardini is not a household name in the USA, but Lombardini products do have a significant following in the US industrial marketplace.  An engine manufacturer since 1922, Lombardini was ISO certified in 1995, and is well known and respected in Europe and other parts of the world where diesel power is more common than is the case here in the US.  To date, Lombardini has produced more than 4 million engines for its many customers.

U.S. Ownership:  In 1997, Lombardini S.R.L. (Italy) was purchased by an American company, Mark IV Industries Inc.  A Fortune 500 supplier to the US automotive market, Mark IV Inc. employs about 7,500 people worldwide, has annual sales of about 1.5 Billion dollars, and maintains corporate offices in Amherst, New York; Sölvesborg, Sweden; and Torino, Italy.  In 2007, Lombardini was purchased from Mark IV Inc. by the Kohler Engine Company, which is marketing the former classic Lombardini engines as Kohler Diesels in the USA, and as Lombardini diesels in Europe and Africa.

North American Product Support:    The Kohler/Lombardini diesel engine product is supported in the USA by the former Lombardini USA organization, which is head quartered in a modern facility near Atlanta, in Duluth, Georgia.  This facility has collocated office, warehouse, and shop facilities -- including an on-site engine dyno test cell. The inset photo here shows the exterior of the the Lombardini USA headquarters building in Duluth, GA.   The Lombardini Italy web site can be found at  Lombardini Italy

USA Product Support:  The Lombardini / Kohler Engine facility in Georgia has a well stocked factory inventory of engines and parts, and supplies a network of factory authorized engine distributors and dealers located throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Product support for older Ruggerini and Acme engines is also available; these manufacturers were acquired by Lombardini SpA in recent years.  More information about the new USA Kohler support network will be posted on the main Kohler engine web site after 1 April 2008 as added information becomes available.


Lombardini currently offers (worldwide) a variety of single and multi-cylinder air cooled engines with displacements from 225 cc to 3.7 liters, and liquid cooled engines from about 500 cc to 2.2 liters.  Parts and service support for all of Lombardini's current and past engines are available throughout North America, but emissions certification and compliance costs limit the engines offered for sale in the the US market. 

Emission Certifications:  An index (folder) with the current 2004 model year CARB certifications can be found on our web site in our Lombardini Emissions index[Note:  You will need to use your "back" button to return to the index page after viewing any of these pdf files].

Tables of engine HP and displacement data are offered on the Lombardini USA web site, but some of the data is a bit dated.  The data on the recently updated Lombardini Italy web site is very current, but not all of the models shown are stocked as engines here in the US.

Data sheets & Power Curves:  An index (folder) which contains data sheets on current and some older engine models in available on our web site in our Lombardini Engine and Power Unit Data Sheet  index.  Full size 8.5 x 11 engine power curves for many Lombardini engines are available from our Lombardini Power Curve index  [Note:  You will need to use your "back" button to return to the index page after viewing any of these pdf files].

NOTE:  Where available, we have also linked individual engine data sheets to the engine model references below.

Air Cooled engines:  The single cylinder 15LD350 and 15LD400 engines, and the multi-cylinder   12LD477-2, 9LD626-2,  and the 11LD626-3 engines are currently offered in North America, and are available in EPA and CARB emission certified configurations.  The new 25LD330-2 and 25LD425-2 engines will be available in 2005.

Liquid Cooled engines:  Some FOCS LDW 602, 903, & 1204 engines and the CHD LDW 1503 and  2004 engines remain available in the US, but they are slowly being superseded by the new FOCS Plus LDW 702, 1003, and 1404 and the CHD Plus LDW 1603, 2204, and 2204T engines.

OPU Data Sheets:  Data sheets for the LDW liquid cooled, high speed, general purpose, open power unit (OPU) models are also available.  These data sheets show overall dimensions for the various FOCS and CHD OPU models --  they are fairly large pdf files -- about 1.5 MB in size.
FOCS models:
CHD models:


Marine Engines & GenSets: Lombardini's marine engine and marine generator set offerings are distributed and supported in the USA as well, but these products are handled through a different distribution network than are the industrial engines. We handle both.  Until we get some of the marine engine and generator set data sheets posted here, you are invited to visit the factory Lombardini Marine web site for additional information.  The photos above show a marine LDW 702 (686 cc) on the left, and a marine LDW 2204 (2199 cc) on the right. The propulsion engines shown in these pictures also illustrate some optional equipment; i.e.,  Hurth gears, wet exhaust elbows, etc.  Bobtail and Gen drive marine engines and complete marine genset versions of the LDW 702, 1003, 1404, and 2204 are available as well.

Assembled Diesel Generator Sets:  Lombardini USA does not build or supply generators in North America, but many US manufacturers, including ourselves, use Lombardini engines to power a variety of air and liquid cooled diesel generator sets.  We are working on an expanded data section (with pictures and data sheets on a separate web page) for these gensets, but we do build a variety of open skid style and enclosed diesel generator sets using Lombardini diesel engines with Marathon, Newage, Mecc Alte, or Marelli alternators on a semi-custom basis, with 60 Hz Standby power ratings as noted below. [Note:  Optional 50 Hz, 1500 rpm versions of the LDW liquid cooled generators are available upon request].  Note:  The 15LD400 is available in both a simple recoil start tubular frame set, and also in an optional very rugged construction-style electric start package that features a deluxe panel with complete safeties, and a lifting hook, and a wheel and handle kit.

Data sheets:  A simple generator data sheet in pdf format is linked to each of the genset model numbers shown below.  The genset model number roughly corresponds to the standby power rating (in kW).  Prime power ratings are roughly 10% less.  In addition, the Lombardini low speed (1800 rpm) open power unit data sheets are also linked to the corresponding LDW engine model numbers noted below. [Caution:  The OPU data sheets are fairly large -- about 1.5MB each].   Sample photos of some models are linked to the stocking notation at the end of each line.  More photos and all of the generator data sheets can be assessed directly from our Lombardini Generator index page.

-  Model  4P:   4.0 kW 3600 rpm portable generator set using the air cooled 15LD350 (in stock)
Model  5P:   5.1 kW 3600 rpm portable generator set using the air cooled 15LD400 (in stock)
Model  5L:   5.0 kW 1800 rpm set using the FOCS Plus water cooled LDW 702   (in stock)
Model  8L:   7.5 kW 1800 rpm set using the FOCS Plus water cooled LDW 1003   (in stock)
Model 10L:  10 kW 1800 rpm set using the FOCS Plus water cooled LDW 1404   (in stock)
Model 14L:  14 kW 1800 rpm set using the CHD Plus water cooled LDW 1603   (in stock)
Model 19L:  19 kW 1800 rpm set using the CHD Plus water cooled LDW 2204   (in stock)
Model 25L:  25 kW 1800 rpm set using the CHD Plus water cooled LDW 2204T   (in stock)
More information on the power generation capabilities of various Lombardini engines at 3600 rpm, 3000 rpm, 1800 rpm, and 1500 rpm is also summarized in four charts in the Lombardini Engine Gen-Set Specification Engine Rating Guide.
Call us with your generator needs; we usually have some models IN STOCK and available for immediate shipment.

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This page last modified on October 30, 2005

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